Doing our bit.

New Zealand owned and operated, Kalmar is dedicated to making a positive difference in our local communities.


Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Saving hundreds of lives every year through emergency response, search and rescue.

Cancer Society of New Zealand

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and providing quality care for those affected by the disease.

Piha Surf Lifesaving Club

Volunteer lifeguard patrols on one of the country’s most dangerous surf beaches.

NZ Team for the World Optimist Championships & OKI 24 Hour Race

Giving young sailing enthusiasts the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

Coastguard New Zealand

Protecting lives at sea through search and rescue efforts and safety education.

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Fundraising for Heart Children New Zealand, which provides lifelong support to children and families living with the daily challenges of childhood heart conditions.

Rodney Coast Challenge

Proceeds from this multi-sport event go toward equipment, facilities and activities for the Kaukapakapa Scout Group.

Save the Children

Establishing vital resources in over 120 countries to create meaningful change in the lives of underprivileged children.

Oxfam Trailwalker

Raising funds for Oxfam New Zealand’s humanitarian, development and advocacy work to overcome poverty and injustice in struggling communities worldwide.

Ethnic Voice

Fostering collaborative relationships between ethnic communities and government agencies through a collective voice.


LegaSea is a public outreach initiative of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.  The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team.  On behalf of the Council LegaSea raises funds and provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to the sustainable management of fisheries for future generations.

Sponsoring something with a bit of a bite – or “Finding Kalmar”

As part of a programme to highlight the issue of shark finning in New Zealand waters, we are sponsoring a Blue Shark named Kalmar that has been tagged with a satellite tracking device.  Blue Sharks are becoming threatened by a massive finning programme which, due to Riley Elliott’s efforts and helped by sponsors like Kalmar has resulted in a shark finning ban in New Zealand.

Stonefields Community